When I first started on my photographic journey following my degree, I loved to shoot close-up shots of nature. I was often to be found, bum in the air, with my eyes and macro lens inches away from a pretty flower or sculptural plant. However, after a couple of years, I felt my pictures were all starting to look the same, so I started to shoot landscapes – beginning with the mountains and moody weather that we usually experienced on our trips to Wales!

In the years that have followed, I have almost solely focussed on landscape photography, gradually developing my skills and compositional eye, by trial and error and with the help of some wonderful and much-admired people in the field. They’ve helped me to look at things differently, giving me the confidence and inspiration to know there is so much more out there to be discovered – and so many different ways to capture it.

Towards the end of last year, I realised that my once much-loved macro lens had not been used for over 2 years. I still have a huge amount of fondness for my original images – some of which are included in this gallery – but it is taken the building of this website to make me realise how much my style has changed. I now look forward to developing this area of my portfolio once again… and seeing how far it can take me this time.

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